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Techno Zone E 22 Gaming Micro Mechanical Keyboard


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Gaming Mechanical Keyboard, Blue Switch, Anti-ghosting, Double injection keycaps,
size (60% size of normal keyboard size)

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  • Gaming mechanical keyboard 9 mode RGB Techno Zone with sound RGB mode
  •  Fashionable Appearance‎:‎ Flexible removable keycaps constructed with floating keys‎,‎ wave designs‎,‎ waterproof sealed conducting film‎,‎ easy to clean‎,‎ ergonomic design fit for a long time use without fatigue‎,‎ mechanical‎-similar typing/gaming experience‎.‎
  •  19 Anti‎-Ghosting Keys‎:‎ keyboard chip and conducting film are special handled‎,‎ and it makes no conflict when the frequently‎-used keys are conducted with another programs running‎.‎
  •  Fluent RGB Marquee effects‎:‎ RGB ultra‎-multi‎-mode colorful backlit‎,‎ mixed color‎,‎ colorful breathing jump heart switch‎,‎ compatible with 6 groups customization LED setup‎.‎ Multiple backlight patterns‎,‎ users could adjust customization backlight function to reach cool‎,‎ dazzle LED effects‎.‎
  • Waterproof Durable‎:‎ equipped with up to 16 drainage holes‎,‎ water or coffee could be flow out in just 1 second‎,‎ reducing the damage caused by water‎.‎ No more worry about pouring water or coffee accidently‎.‎ Strong mechanical switch keys‎,‎ stands up to 20 million times strokes‎.‎
  • Advanced manufacture‎:‎ Metal base and enhanced weight designed to keep your keyboard in place for better gaming experience‎.‎ Still‎,‎ made of metal material‎,‎ with matte‎-finish texture‎,‎ it is sturdy and robust enough to protect it from scratch‎,‎ bump and corrosion‎.‎ Made of large line diameter with magnetic loops filtering wired‎,‎ which makes it more stable for data transmission‎.‎


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