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MSI DS502 Gaming Headset, Enhanced Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound


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  • Enhanced Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Intelligent Vibration System
  • Smart Audio Controller
  • Enhanced 40mm High Quality Drivers
  • Cool LED Light
  • Light weight & Self-adjusting Headband Design

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High Quality Speaker

High Quality Speakers

– DS502 built with two large 40mm drivers for quality audio
– High quality speakers provide high, medium, and low frequency in details

Ergonomic Design

Lightweight and self-adjusting headband

DS502 GAMNING Headset is comfortable on your head and ears for extended gaming sessions. Its fully adjustable headband and closed ear cups with plush padding ensure a perfect fit every time

Noise Reduction

Improved Noise Reduction

– DS502 built with two large 40mm drivers for quality audio
– High quality speakers provide high, medium, and low frequency in details

Vibration System

Strong vibration system

– Strong vibration system provides optimal gaming and audio experience

Ergonomic Design

Omnidirectional Microphone

– Adjustable omnidirectional microphone leave no room for miscommunication
– crystal clearaudio reproduction with balanced natural sounding tones, and little background noise pickup

Remote Control

Remote Controller

– High quality speakers provide high, medium, and low frequency in details

Noise Reduction

7.1 Surround Sound

– Featuring Xear™ Living technology , MSI DS502 brings your game to lifePowerful Cmedia Technology and DS502 software
– Change or fine-tuned via DS502 Headset Software to find your best sound field

Xear™ Living technology gives the digital speaker playback quality a new standard. By virtually shifting the speakers into right places, managing the frequency signal to optima level, each speaker using this technology reaches to the highest sound quality level


Cmedia Xear Technology

7.1 Virtual Speaker Shifter

-Expanding/upmixing audio to 7.1
-channel surround sound
-Virtualizing 7.1 surround sound over any set of speakers
-Shiftable virtual speaker positioning allows you to adjust the best sound field easily without moving physical speakers and wires

Environment Reverb

-There are 27 global environment effects including bathroom, concert hall, under water, music pub, etc. environment effects can be used to create realistic listening experiences that imitate different environments. Environment Size can be customized to Small, Medium and Large

10-Band Equalizer

-10-band software equalizer with 12 preset modes is provided. The full audio band is divided into 10 different frequency bands. Equalizer typically will adjust the energy levels of the audio data in one or more different frequency bands in order to change the characteristics of the audio data

Surround Max

– Upmix stereo music contents to Max. speaker settings (max.7.1CH) or convert to surround sound contexts for HP or Speaker surround virtualization technology above. This function creates immersive surround sound fields even with stereo audio sources

Xear™ SingFx

– Pitch Shifting:Pitch Shifting can help users to change their natural “key” to match the song’s
– Vocal Fading:Vocal Fading can fade out the lead vocal voice inside the song that is great for karaoke related applications
– Singing Echo:Singing Echo can generate natural echo effects on your singing voice just like a karaoke machine
– Magic Voice:Magic Voice is a great feature for disguising your voice (using monster/cartoon/male/female effects) for VOIP and online gaming applications


DS502 GAMING Headset
Interface > USB
Weight > 405g
Cable Length > 2.0m

Speaker Spec
Drivers > Ø40mm x 2
Sensitivity(S.P.L) > 105±3dB @ 1KHz
Impedance > 32Ω
Frequency Response > 20Hz-20KHz

Mic Spec
Mic Dimension >Ø6.0 × 3.0mm
Directivity > Omnidirectional
Impedance > ≤2.2kΩ
Sensitivity > -36±3dB @ at 1KHz

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