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Kaleidoscopic Illumination

The HEBE M3 Gaming Headset comes equipped with its very own exclusive RGB streaming effect alongside of its exquisitely designed ear-cup covers, offering a stunning visual delicacy & impactful fluctuating momentum!


Ultimate Virtual 7.1ch 50mm Speakers

The HEBE M3 is incorporated with the most up-to-date 7.1 premium virtual surround-sound technology, providing an immersive crystal clear bass tonality & pulsing system oscillation.


Extra-Sized Earcups

Soft-foamed ergonomic earcups are equipped atop of the elegant Goddess of Youth to ensure a comfortable recreational environment during extensive gaming sessions.


HERA 2021 Blessing

With the headset-to-software compatibility implementation engineered to function HEBE M3 alongside of the downloadable GAMDIAS HERA 2021 Software , you will be able to attain access to even the most exclusive audio features designated ONLY to the gaming peripheral. Quick sound adjustments or customizations have never been made easier during gameplay with the blessing of HERA 2021.


Pliable Omnidirectional Microphone

The Omnidirectional noise-cancelling auxiliary microphone unit will be adjustable at all directions to cater towards your personal gaming preference.


Game On!

HEBE M3 enables exclusive compatibility & solid connection to designated video gaming consoles via its subsidiary USB cord.



“Savor the Fluctuating Momentum!”

The HEBE M3 RGB Gaming Headset, coming in equipped with its latest 7.1 premium virtual surround sound and meticulously engineered / designed extra-sized ergonomic earcup covers, offers both a visually stunning fiesta and rich bass tonality that enriches the lives of many gamer who came across the delightful present in which Mt. Olympus has to offer.


  • Exclusive RGB Streaming Effect
  • Exquisite Earcup Facade Design
  • Premium Virtual 7.1 Surround-Sound + Bass Impact / Vibration
  • Extra-Sized Ergonomic Earcup Layout
  • Large 50mm Speakers
  • Pliable Omnidirectional Microphone Unit
  • Downloadable HERA 2021 Software Audio Customizations
  • Compatiblity to designated video game consoles (USB Cord)
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